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Go where you're celebrated!

SenseSational Learning Group partners with families, community organizations, and businesses to foster inclusivity for neurodivergent and neurotypical children through hosting sensory friendly events and designing work, living, and learning environments that are supportive to all learning and engagement styles.


Community Events

Large community events can be invigorating and overwhelming, especially for neurodivergent children and their families. SenseSational Learning Group partners with community organizations to ensure that event space is well planned to allow for sensory friendly adaptations as well as calm areas to decompress. We can provide toys and materials to set up an interactive sensory "chill zone" for young children.


Organizational Behavior

Working cohesively as a team in a work environment can be challenging. SenseSational Learning Group works alongside business leaders to identify learning styles and reinforcement strategies to use with each employee . Through intentional communication, we discover strengths and areas of growth for individual employees and the business as a whole to enhance relationships, maximize profit, and improve overall productivity.


Party Planning

Birthday parties are wonderful celebrations of another trip around the sun! Let SenseSational Learning Group share party planning expertise and curate the perfect environment that highlights hands-on sensory activities based on your child's favorite theme! We also specialize in customizing kid-friendly activities bags for family friendly weddings and reunions!  

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