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Kids in Preschool
"The direct support piece to model implementation of strategies suggested, was very helpful. The children you worked with got a little bit of extra direct support and you were able to model those skills for the teachers. I loved that we were able to meet with families together."

School Based Early Intervention Specialist

Support for Educators

SenseSational Learning Group is proud to offer its expertise in early childhood inclusive education practices and behavior development to build stronger learning environments for neurotypical and neurodivergent students. We pride ourselves on setting our clients up for success and are sure that you will leave our personal consulting and group coaching sessions more prepared than you have ever been before to support your preschool and elementary teachers and staff in understanding developmental delays and behavior concerns that arise in early childhood. 

Learn with us! 

Contact us to schedule a time to chat about how we can support your staff and fuel their love of teaching!

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