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Are you looking for a preschool and elementary curriculum that empowers your young learners with the knowledge and understanding of neurodiversity and inclusion? Look no further! Our mini curriculum is designed to engage and inspire children ages 3-10 with interactive activities that promote social and emotional learning. 


Through engaging storybooks, fun games, and creative art projects, our curriculum teaches children the value of diversity and how to embrace and celebrate differences. This curriculum introduces the concepts of neurodiversity to children, helping them to understand that everyone thinks differently and that there is no one "typical" way of thinking. 


As a result, your young learners will develop a deeper sense of empathy, understanding, and compassion towards others, building a strong foundation for lifelong learning. Begin your child's journey towards appreciating the beauty and richness of diversity today, with our mini curriculum - "Everyone is Different. Everyone Belongs."


One consulting session (up to 30 minutes each) is included for you and/or your staff to ask questions and receive additional guidance on implementing this curriculum. Schedule your complimentary session here


*Invest in this curriculum today and reuse it year after year!  

Inclusion and Neurodiversity Curriculum for Preschool and Elementary School

  • Email me at if you have any requests for custom bundles of neurodiversity and inclusion resources, or school-wide licenses.

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