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Our Mission

Play based and hands-on learning experiences are necessary for children of all ages and abilities. By engaging in sensory based learning in supportive environments, children maximize their education and development while constructing their own path. SenseSational Learning Group partners with caregivers, educators, and businesses to build stronger learning environments for children of all ages and abilities.  As a collaborative partner, we strive to maximize growth and inclusion for neurodivergent people in a variety of settings by providing personalized coaching for educators, caregivers, and community professionals on best practices in topics related to early childhood education and behavior support. As a leading expert in the science of child development and behavior analysis, SenseSational Learning Group specializes in conducting developmental skills assessments and creating data based behavior intervention plans to enhance learning in individual and group settings. We take a holistic approach to teaching new skills by embedding learning opportunities into play and naturally occurring activities.

Playing with Wooden Toys

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